Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sunday Musings

Another one of those absolutely perfect April days---just a repeat of yesterday, if not a little warmer. Still making use of my outdoor office, now working on a lecture about cardiac pacemakers and arrhythmias. Sitting in the sun while I study and take notes decreases the burdensomeness of the task at hand. The dogs don't seem to mind my typing, as long as perambulations punctuate the day in between their naps and quiet reveries on the pine-needle-strewn front lawn. My neighbors rake leaves and clean up their yards. I note the general "forest-floor" look of our front yard and resume my work.

As I write, Mary is on a train between DC and Massachusetts, returning home from her nephew/godson's First Holy Communion. As a sacreligious and pagan-leaning Jew, I told her I hope he enjoyed his first cracker, and wondered if they'd offered something to go with it---jam, perhaps? My father-in-law thought that was pretty funny, damn Jewish Yankee son-in-law....

Anyway, back to pacemakers and cardiovascular disease. May your heart be filled with joy, dear Reader.
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