Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Signs of Spring

Walking the dogs this morning, I heard some sure sounds that tell me Spring is here: the clattering of carpenter's hammers as roofs are refurbished and windows replaced, and the staccato of newly-arrived woodpeckers, searching for their arboreal breakfast. Crossing through our local swamp with the dogs, I also spied one of Mary's and my favorite early Spring sights: baby skunk cabbage, curling up from its winter repose through the murky water and new undergrowth. Soon it will be flourishing and lush, a land of mosquitos and moist heat.

Other signs abound: Daylight Savings Time begins and I leave work with sunshine to spare. The beavers are back in our local pond, out of hibernation and looking for snacks and flowing water to dam. Robins flutter through the trees. The Canadian Geese have landed in that same pond, returning from their southern sojourn. Today, I was able to eat my dinner outside during a break from the class I was teaching. I was in the shade of the building and had to wear a jacket, but it was a meal outdoors---the first of many.

I've written recently of rebirth and Easter, changes and death. Spring adds more flavor to the mix as we all come alive with the Earth. Let the glory begin!
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