Monday, April 18, 2005

Monday Yet Again

Another Monday. A headache has plagued me today despite a wonderful acupuncture treatment with my friend Karen--no reflection on her, seguro. It's a headache born of stress, I think. After such a nice weekend, it's a shame to start the week on the wrong foot, but this too shall pass. What's a hard-working nurse to do?

Do my readers tire of my Monday laments? Do they relate to the dread, that feeling of "monday ad nauseum"? Do they wish I would somehow overcome this post-weekend melancholia which descends so frequently? Advice and support (and criticisms) are welcome, dear Readers.

I'm sure a dose of Jon Stewart at 11:00 and a good night's sleep will help, not to mention this steaming mug of Chinese herbs that Mary just handed to me.

Forgive me my failings and complaints, my Job-like despairings. Jewishness rears its lamenting head at times like these. Deserved or not, it's unbecoming, but I decided that this blog is not about self-editing in the final analysis.

May this missive find you healthy and whole.

A tout a l'heure.
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