Monday, April 11, 2005

Monday Morass

Another week begins, ad nauseum. I began the day with great verve and high spirits, which lasted throughout the majority of my time away from home. Fatigue played a part in the slow denouement of my day's energies. Unfortunately, cardiac lecture details and other school preparation consume my evening. Luckily, Mary has some work to do on the other laptop and we sit at the dining room table side by side, together in a busy and distracted way, but nonetheless together.

I can see why teachers feel so undervalued and underpaid. I can't count the hours of prep I've done since September. I try to look at it as learning for my own nursing practice, the reconnecting of long-fatigued neurons which don't readily recall this voluminous amount of pathophysiological information. I also look forward to teaching the same course next year with all of the lecture notes, overheads and exams ready to use with only a cursory review each week.

Ah, the hard-working life. Must make time for pleasure or a dull boy I will be.
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