Thursday, April 21, 2005


An energetic ebb has been reached, and I hope it goes no deeper. A profound fatigue has swept into my life this week, with an after-work nap each evening and a sense that there just are not enough hours available for sleep. Is it the change in season? Is it stress? Am I simply tired? A mild depression accompanies the lowered energy levels---a symptomatic comorbidity, as we might say in the business. The business of medicine, that is.

My mind is filled with thoughts of patients, things to do, and work for next week's lecture and exam that must be done. Mary and I escaped the house for an hour tonight to walk around town with the dogs and stop into a local cafe to hear some old-time Americana music played by an interesting ad-hoc group of local musicians, most seemingly in their 20's. Banjo, guitar, lots of fiddlers and vocals with a fake twang. We also enjoyed decaf and a cream-puff. Sugar cravings run deep these days.....

May your days be bright.
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