Friday, April 29, 2005

Hiatus Interruptus

A short work-week sure seemed to last an eternity, but here I am on Friday night, home from work and back on-line.

With my Jewish "fro" making a comeback, I just had my locks trimmed and must have lost an extra 1/4 pound which lay scattered about the stylist's chair. I love the luxury of having someone else wash my hair, although I don't find those hair-washing sinks with the little indentation for one's head terribly comfortable. I also hate staring at myself in the mirror as my hair is cut--as the scissors do their thing, my face always seems about three feet wide at the cheekbones. Nonetheless, the deed is done, I am sufficiently "cleaned up" as they say, and Mary will mourn the (temporary) loss of so many unruly curls for a day or so. Perhaps when we're living on a small plot of land with goats and dogs and a garden and I have eschewed the professional workaday world, I'll once again let my hair do its natural thing and wind up with natty dreads and a rabbi's beard. Til then, it's trim time every six or seven weeks like clockwork.

The week saw some substantially morose moods, a few good headaches, some lost sleep, some sweet moments with Mary, and thoughts turning towards some kind of change in my work situation. What I most greatly resent about working in this country is that one must often make choices about work based upon "benefits". Now I'm not talking about that new terminology of "friends with benefits". I refer to that ubiquitous and long-standing pursuit of healthcare coverage by a workplace which many of us so dearly covet. If it were not for the necessity of employer-sponsored health insurance, I would most certainly make a choice to pursue several per diem or part-time positions rather than my current 40-hour weekly slog. If we lived in a country intelligent enough to have universal single-payer healthcare, I could work per diem for my current employer, teach another class, and perhaps do some hours for a visiting nurse agency, commanding very high hourly pay, at that. But the health insurance trap currently keeps me where I am to a large degree. Why must one choose one's work situation based on a need for healthcare? It's categorically absurd and so very "Old World". At any rate, here we are, and I continue in the current mode for the moment, poised for a new adventure when the wheels turn.....

Last night, we made the choice to stay out late and see the new Nicole Kidman/Sean Penn film, "The Interpreter". Not bad Hollywood fare: moderate violence, United Nations intrigue, twisty plot turns which I failed to completely follow, and commendable performances from the two stars, although Sean Penn seems to just play the same character over and over again. Overall, a worthwhile venture, taking into consideration a lost hour of sleep on a work night.

Anyway, I digress. The week draws to a close and another dusk descends. Good night to all.
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