Saturday, April 02, 2005

April's Renewal

As April eases its way into our midst, renewal is in the air. Flowers push through the melting snow, the winds of early spring jostle the trees, and those sure signs of winter's weakening grip take hold.

Another renewal is also taking place. An old friend from my art-school days in Philadelphia has located me in what I assume to be ubiquitous 21st century fashion--Googling. The gift of this revisiting of the past is recovered friendship and connection, the extension of life's lines back into the past, reconnecting with those who knew me as a younger version of my current self, yet to be shaped by the life experiences which thereafter ensued. At least three individuals connected with my friend who made the initial connection are now reaching out to me via email, and this is a gift beyond measure. Some five months ago, my brother was contacted by our closest high-school friend, and that reconnection following a 20 year hiatus has also delivered a new sense of wholeness and personal history coming full circle.

While the present indeed informs the future, it is the past that takes responsibility for our manifestation in the present. I welcome these old friends into my current reality, and look forward to the renewed blooming of those still vibrant seeds of friendship and connection.
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