Saturday, March 12, 2005

Survival Strategies

Amidst the snow and continuing cold, survival strategies loom large. Today's were 1) pancake breakfast lovingly cooked by my love; 2) a mid-afternoon winter's nap, curled up on the couch with Mary; 3) Bikram Yoga, 100-degree room, sweat, oxygenation of muscles, focused mind; 4) easy dinner at Whole Foods followed by shopping for health foods with which to feed our bodies for the coming week.

How simple to pay for food without cash---the priviledge of debit cards and the security of money in the bank. That's priviledge and may I never forget that fact.

Another priviledge that I do not take for granted is the owning of our home (well, the bank owns it really, but we're the ersatz owners anyway). Having just refinanced this past week---a relatively painless process---I'm reminded how, in the middle of this long and seemingly endless winter, we are snug in our home, warmed by wood and natural gas, with hot water at our fingertips and food in the cupboards. Any of those people living on the street or homeless following a tsunami---there but for the grace of Goddess go I...

Gratitude seems to be the secret, even when I temporarily forget. Today I remember, and acknowledge the priviledge that permeates my existence. Food for thought today and always.
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