Thursday, March 17, 2005

Notes on Blogging

Writing on this blog gives me a creative outlet, a place to vent and process my thoughts and challenges, and helps me to feel that I have a venue for expression that's immediate, connected to others, and thoroughly gratifying. It affords me time and place to entertain those thoughts that I would otherwise ignore or shelve and forget, being a person that has eschewed writing in a paper and pen journal for some years now (except for when travelling, that is). While I would like to eventually have a larger readership, all three of you are greatly appreciated! (I know there's more than three, but definitely less than 10 regular readers at this point.)

This opportunity for instant self-publishing is a priviledge, and I appreciate all feedback and input. I request that anyone reading who finds my writing somehow amusing or thought-provoking, please consider sending a link to a friend who might also enjoy it. Maybe there are others who, after reading my missives, might themselves take up the mouse and start their own site, or there may be some who will realize that this vain attempt at humor and philosophizing is just another poor use of band-width. Could be. Anyway, the mouse is mightier than the sword these days, and although the revolution may not be televised, I imagine it will be blogged.
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