Monday, February 21, 2005

Why Not Politics?

On this "holiday" of "Presidents' Day" (why don't we have a Citizens' Day?), I pause to contemplate why politics is so far being eschewed on this blog. While I follow politics relatively closely and have strong opinions about many contemporary subjects like the war in Iraq and American Imperialism, there is so much incredibly good writing on those subjects widely available in so many formats, it seems counterproductive---or at least redundant---for me to chime in here on Digital Doorway. My list of links can point interested parties towards,,,, and there is just a plethora of opinion out there for anyone to find.

That said, you would not be remiss in possibly expecting diatribes about healthcare and other issues that might come up for bantering about. Although these issues have a political aspect, I look at them through a wider lens than might be called "political".

In future, if I decide to opine on politics itself, I may make some entries here on Digital Doorway, or I might create a companion blog for such ruminations. Until then, I think this blog will remain a more personal venue for exploring my thoughts and daily musings. A stray political thought or issue may creep in here and there, but I feel fairly strongly that this here blog will remain a rather personal journal format, at least for now, that is.

Stay tuned for my next entry later this week. And thanks for stopping by.
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