Monday, February 14, 2005

That Monday Feeling

That Monday feeling has returned, despite the sweetness of arriving home and celebrating Valentine's Day. We are both unfortunately "back at it", each buried in our laptops, wishing there was a way to forgo these tasks and bask in the afterglow of the weekend retreat. Nonetheless, the connection and intimacy of the weekend pervades, and it is a blessing that we are both occupied. There's nothing worse than one partner feeling abandoned when the other is preoccupied with responsibilities and tasks which preclude connection and thoughtful interaction.

Where is the time to sit under the stars and drink tea, ruminating with one's lover over the direction of the evening breeze and the sounds of birds? Why is it so hard to find the hours for quiet contemplation and repose? Why do we create lives in which leisure is at a premium and work becomes our focus, our raison d'etre?

These lives are of our making, and it is our choice to unmake what we have wrought. Change is always a choice---so is stagnation. We must always remember that "this is it". There is no other now, no other time. This moment is all we have. That longed-for future never comes. This really is it.

I choose in this moment to embrace the fulness, the busy-ness, the richness. Without that act of embracing, the moment is lost. How can I choose to lose out on the only moment I truly have?
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