Monday, February 28, 2005

Here and Now

Here and now. Here we are. This is it. Monday draws to a close as snow begins to fall once again.

Today was just a pile of work: charts, home visits, telephone calls, collaborative conversations with some of the docs in the clinic, logistical arrangements. I erroneously printed 80 pages of lab results for one patient on our office printer, much to the chagrin of our office manager. Mea culpa. I committed an eco-sin of high order today. I must make amends. Then I had to reprimand a patient who left me three impatient and demanding messages on my voicemail. One of my co-workers said that the "authoritarian voice" that I used for the call to that patient was sexy. Sexy? Should try that more often.

A meeting tonight for one of my volunteer positions was taxing but tolerable. So nice to be home with Mary and the Canines. Nowhere else I'd rather be, in fact. Some people try to make plans in order to be away from home after work. I try to not make plans in order to be at home more. Why make plans with friends when my best friend is right here at home? We're occasionally an undifferentiated ego mass, but we're differentiated enough to have our own laptops.
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