Sunday, February 20, 2005

Bikram Reprise and Indian Food

Another weekend rolls along. Bikram yoga class this morning: sweat, aching muscles, and an enervating relaxation from taking one's body further than one would in another venue. The cold weather continues, but dog walks keep me out there, no matter the urge to hibernate.

Tonight I cooked an Indian meal for friends: orange lentil dal, yogurt and cucumber raita, masala paratha bread, coconut-cilantro chutney, brown rice, potato and caulifower shak (spicy veggie dish). Our friends leave for a two-month trip to Central America next week and we discussed our mutual visions of a creative life of service, living in a sweet Spanish-speaking culture. So many of us are making reconnaissance trips---the reports keep coming in....

Now to finish writing a fifty question exam, fulfilling my role as professor. A nurse's work is never done, apparently.

Bon nuit.
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