Sunday, January 30, 2005

Weekend Musings

Ah, the weekend, that longed-for pair of days "brought to us by the Labor Party". While I give thanks for the weekend, I often resent and/or regret that Monday rolls around so quickly again. Having (for the moment) chosen a 9 to 5 existence (which is, in effect, life-consuming in and of itself), I treasure these hours on Saturday and Sunday when time for other endeavors is "created". While we cannot truly "make" time for something, we often "find time", but isn't the "finding" of time a conundrum since it is, as my old friend at SolQuest ( contends, a completely human construct?

Whatever the source of the construct, time (and its cousin the weekend) has me in its grasp, and I grapple daily with the constraints with which it saddles me. That said, between social engagements, time with Mary, walks with the dogs, and studying and taking notes for the class I'm teaching on Tuesday nights (six hours of nursing concepts and pathophysiology!), time is currently at a premium. As luck would have it, this evening we have two free tickets to see a Flamenco show at The Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, so this missive will be brief and "time-limited", since "free" leisure time, as we know, can never be forsaken.

Tomorrow, the whistle blows and the week of commuting and work-life resumes at full tilt, although I've taken this Friday off in order to take my son to see The California Guitar Trio ( in Somerville, MA, late on Thursday evening. (Live music is a passion of mine not overly indulged but just often enough to keep the appetite whetted.)

Stay tuned for further postings, and thanks for paying Digital Doorway a visit. This is an exercise in presenting my inner process in a public venue, and I appreciate any indulgence on your part.

Bon nuit.
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