Sunday, January 30, 2005


The lyricism and fluidity of Flamenco---both the dance and the music---awakens warmth in the belly and the loins. A music and culture of life and the celebration of living, the spirit of the Roma (Gypsy) culture of Andalusia in Southen Spain, brings a touch of that aliveness to this deadened New England culture, currently wrapped in the veil of winter's cold.

If you, kind reader, would care to read an in-depth look at the Roma culture and history, I highly recommend Bury Me Standing: The Gypsies and Their Journey, by Isabel Fonseca (1995), one of the best modern books written on the subject. And next time someone uses the term "gypped" to describe being cheated, remind them that this term is highly offensive to the Roma people and deserves to be removed from our lexicon, as it degrades the character and wholesomeness of the Roma people, perpetuating an undeserved and unnecessary stereotype.

Even with time at a premium, one must "make time" for pleasure and leisure, or one loses touch with the romantic, the soulful, the restful, even with the living. This music tonight was one such occasion when, for several hours, an opportunity is presented wherein the listener may remove from the mind the worries of the day and instead concentrate on beauty and the contemplation of the richness and vibrancy of music as art, as life, as authentic experience.
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